Kings&Queens&Other Bosses

A performance for children between 8 and 80 years young.

In Kings&Queens&Other Bosses we follow seven characters that all live in the same house. Each one of them believes that he or she is or was the King or Queen of the world, the centre of his/her universe.  The piece is built around how these seven characters interact with each other, how they put themselves in the centre of attention and how they create misunderstandings and problems for each other or for themselves. 

Humoristic with a serious undertone, the piece brings the subject to the surface of how people compose their character, often taking example in those we idolize.

Choreography: Benno Voorham

Dancers: Alexandra Soshnikova, Daniil Belkin, Denys Pronin, Inna Aslamova, Natalia Borsukova, Olga Braga, Sergei Golovnea

Costumes: Natalia Muzichenko, Veronica  Yanchits’ka

The performance was created in close collaboration with the dancers.

Kings&Queens&Other Bosses was made in August 2009 with a group of seven dancers from the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The performance was part of a bigger project with a festival in each of the three countries. Each of the festivals was organised to raise awareness and discuss questions concerning dance with and for children through performances, workshops, lectures and discussions.

Touring of Kings&Queens&Other Bosses:

September 2009: Minsk (première), Grodno (Belarus) and Chisinau (Moldova)

January/February 2010: Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) and Gomel, Mozyr, Vitebsk (Belarus)

May 2010: Kiev (Ukraine) and Lund (Sweden)

The project has made possible thanks to the generous support from the Swedish Institute and the European Cultural Foundation from the Netherlands. 

Kings&Queens&Other Bosses is produced by LAVA-Dansproduktion.

Photos: Valeriu Chirieac