Contemporary dance performer, choreographer and teacher of improvisation and contact improvisation. 

Born in the Netherlands in 1957.
Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German and Swedish.
Partner of Sybrig Dokter and father of daughter Nadja and sons Kaspar and Tibor.

Amsterdam, Holland till 1995.
Stockholm, Sweden since 1995.



The Netherlands, 1975 - 1986.

Cultural Anthropology, University of Leiden, 1977-1979.
Student Movement Theater group, Leiden.
School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. Directors: Aat Hougée and Jaap Flier. Teachers a.o.: Remy Charlip, Trude Cone, Jaap Flier, Pauline de Groot, Julyen Hamilton, Ria Higler, Lisa Kraus, David Moss, Nancy Stark Smith, Nancy Topf, Randy Warshaw.


New York, 1985-1986.

With members of the Trisha Brown Company.
Contact improvisation with Daniel Lepkoff and Nina Martin.
Alignment-technique with André Bernard.


Founding member of the international improvisation ensemble Alternating Currents with Wolfgang Graf, David Hurwith, Bernd Ka, Kurt Koegel, Ka Rustler, Howard Sonenklar and Bruno Stefanoni, 1992. 
Founded LAVA-Dansproduction , an association for New Dance, Improvisation and the Alexander Technique, together with Sybrig Dokter in Stockholm, 1997.


Benno Voorham received support from different Swedish and Nordic Art councils, Konstnärsnämnden, Svenska Institutet, Teater og Dans I Norden, Finnish-Swedish Arts Council and Statens Kulturrådet

In 2000 and 2008 he received a special art-stipend from Estonian Cultural Capital to choreograph a piece in Estonia. In 2002 he received a stipendium from the Cultural Capital Foundation of Latvia.


Member of ‘Wrong Movement’, Athens based dance company under directorship of Konstantin Mihos.

Organizer of conferences (ECITE 1998 and 2002) and festivals (DIP-festival, 2002). 

Price: In 1994 he was awarded ‘Best performer of the year’ for his performance in ‘What the girls talk about’, Athens, Greece.


Choreographies / Creations

Cadute di Sassi, duet with Sybrig Dokter, Amsterdam, Holland, 1986.

Island, self solo, Utrecht, Holland, 1987.

Mind the Contact, with Camilla Grønneberg, Steffi Lund, Bibbi Winberg and self, Oslo, Norway, 1991. 

Die Versteinerte Haut, duet with Wolfgang Hoffmann, Potsdamer Tanztage 1992, Germany. Toured Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Germany in 1993, Ireland and Germany in 1996. 

Droge Dromen, with students of the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, Holland, 1995. 

Middrömmarsnatt, children dance performance with Minna Krook, Helsinki, Finland, 1997. 

Coming Home, Going Nowhere, a solo performance, Potsdam and Jerusalem 1998.

Spilling, with theatre students of the Cultural College in Viljandi, Estonia, 2000.

Looking over my shoulder, work in progress performance with Konstantin Mihos, Sybrig Dokter, Eszter Gál, Christer Bothén and self, Viljandi, Estonia, 2000.

Die Versteinerte Haut, recreation of the duet with Wolfgang Hoffmann, Potsdam,Germany, 2000.

Moldova, performance project at first international modern dance festival, Chisinau, Moldova, 2000.

Out of Hades, with actors in Viljandi, Estonia, 2001.

Naked City, with dance students of the Latvian Cultural Academy, Latvia, Riga, 2002.

City Life, with dancers in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraina, 2003.

The Banks, with dancers from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraina and Chisinau, Moldova, 2007.

Nothing is, Only lies, with dancers from Kiev, Ukraine, 2007.

Close Distance, with dancers from the Modern Dance School of the Cultural Academy of Riga, Latvia, 2008.

Outcast, a site-specific performance with actors and dancers from Estonia, Võru, 2008.

OTTO, a children dance performance with five musicians of Vestmaniaensemblen from Västerås and two dancers. Västerås, November 2008.

Alice?!, a youth performance with four dancers and music of Örjan Högberg. Västerås, January 2009.

Kings&Queens&Other Bosses, a youth performance with seven dancers from the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Minsk, 2009.

But Not Me, performance with 11 actors and dancers from Belarus, Grodno and Minsk, 2010.


Choreographies / Creations in collaboration

Dressing, duet with Sybrig Dokter, Amsterdam, Holland, 1981.

Reconstructie van een Vlak Land, duet with Sybrig Dokter, Utrecht, Holland, 1988.

With Sybrig Dokter the development of a series of improvised performances and a tour of Germany with students of EDDC (European Dance Development Center), Arnhem, Holland, 1990.

Three Moments of Darkness, with Arianna Economou and visual artist Horst Weierstall, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1990.

Conservation of Momentum, in collaboration with Sybrig Dokter, a performance project and a tour of Germany with students of EDDC, Arnhem, Holland, 1991.

Urban Nature, an outdoor, site-specific project initiated by Jaap Klevering and Jaana Turunen. Created and performed by Mirja Tukiainen, Stoffelien Verdonk, Jaap, Jaana and self, Finnish Lapland and Korkeosaari, the zoo of Helsinki, Finland, 1992.

Family Fathers, with Roberto Castello, Potsdamer Tanztage 1993, Germany.

Victor and Edith, a dance play with Bibbi Winberg, Göteborgs Dansdagar 1994, Sweden.

What the girls talk about, of ‘Wrong Movement’ with Konstantin Mihos, Athens, Greece, 1994. Directed by K.Mihos.

Victor and Edith (reworked version), with Bibbi Winberg and musician Morten Hagevik, Oslo, Norway, 1995. Toured Finland, Estonia, Germany and the Ukraine in 1996.

Don't close your eyes, a structured improvisation on the Ajax-play by Sophocles of ‘Wrong Movement’, with Konstantin Mihos, Kurt Koegel a.o., Athens, 1997. Directed by K.Mihos.

Vexations, a 14 hours long performance with over 25 dancers, Potsdam 1998. Idea: Amos Hetz.

Room Dances, collaboration with Amos Hetz, Anat Shamgar, Steve Batts, Ursula Ritter and self, Jerusalem, 1998.

Ajax, Arlanda, Tekmisa,a trio of ‘Wrong Movement’ with Konstantin Mihos, Jenny and self, Stockholm 1998. Directed by K.Mihos.

Empty Man, performance with five men and one pregnant woman by ‘Wrong Movement’, directed by Konstantin Mihos. Athens, February 2000. 

The last empty man, performance with five men and a pregnant woman by ‘Wrong Movement’, directed by K. Mihos, Athens, June 2000.

2Men, duet with Nikolai Schetnev, Chisinau, Moldova, 2001.

Gender project, with Sybrig Dokter and 12 East European dancers, St. Petersburg, Russia, November 2001.

ADAM&AДAM, duet with Nikolai Schetnev, Potsdam, Germany, 2003.

Prosfiyika, site specific performance project of ‘Wrong Movement’ in collaboration with Konstantin Mihos, Athens, Greece, 2003.

Death project, part one, duet with Joe Tornabene, Athens, Greece, 2003.

Men eat meat, women eat salad, with Sybrig Dokter, Chisinau, Moldova, 2003.

Gender project, with Sybrig Dokter, Viljandi, Estonia, 2003.

Can I Do Something For You, with Sybrig Dokter, Chisinau, Moldova, 2003.

ECCE, solo created in collaboration with Sybrig Dokter, Potsdam, 2004.

Interrogation, site specific performance project of ‘Wrong Movement’ in collaboration with Konstantin Mihos, Athens, Greece, 2005.

Philoctetes, site specific performance project of ‘Wrong Movement’ in collaboration with Konstantin Mihos, Athens, Greece, 2005.

The Battles of Marathon, of ‘Wrong Movement’ in collaboration with Konstantin Mihos, Athens Festival, Greece, 2007.

ECCE ????, two solos with Sybrig Dokter, Viljandi, Estonia, 2008.


Performance in Improvised Works

4000 Miles, a trio with Sybrig Dokter and musician Matthieu Keyser, P.S.122 New York and Amsterdam, 1985-1986.

Quartet-concert with Sybrig Dokter, Renate Müller and Nick Procyk, Amsterdam, 1986.

Duet-concert with Wies Bloemen, 1987.

15 Ways, Part 1 to 7,with Charles Corneille and Sybrig Dokter, 1988-1989.

Duet with Keriac, Leipzig and with Roberto Castello, Berlin, Germany, 1990.

Victor and Edith part one, duet with Bibbi Winberg, Oslo, Norway, 1991. (see collaboration)

Duet with Stoffelien Verdonk, Amsterdam, 1992.

Duet with Dieter Heitkamp, Bremen, Germany, 1992.

Urban Nature Group improvisations, Finland, 1992.

Kefir, a duet with Wolfgang Hoffmann, St. Petersburg, 1993.

Alternating Currents, festivals in Potsdam, Freiburg, and Stuttgart, Germany, 1993-1994. Copenhagen, Denmark, 1994.

Quartet-concert with Sybrig Dokter, Soile Lahdenperä and Liisa Pentti, Helsinki, Finland, 1994.

Concerts with Sybrig Dokter, Katarina Eriksson, Maria Mebius-Schröder, Lotta Melin, Anna Westberg, Bibbi Winberg and musicians Mats Gustafsson and Christan Jormin, Göteborg, Sweden, 1995.

The Fall of the Tiger,with Sybrig Dokter, Måns Erlandson, Pia Lindy, Liisa Pentti and Pierre Seraphin and different musicians, Stockholm, Sweden, 1996.

Duet with Sybrig Dokter, Danscentrum, Stockholm, 1996.

The Tale of the Tail, with Sybrig Dokter, Katarina Eriksson, Maria Mebius-Schröder and musician Christer Bothén, Viljandi and Pärnu, Estonia and Göteborg, Sweden 1997, von Krahli   theater in Tallin, Estland and in Zodiak, Helsinki in Side Step Festival, January 1998.

Trio-concert with Sybrig Dokter and musician Christer Bothén, Färentuna, 1997.

Intergenerational improv, with Mary Prestidge, Sue MacLennan, Gaby Agis, Yolanda Snaith, Lucia Walker, Andrew Fifield and Stirling Steward, at Chisenhale, London, 1997.

You again, duet with Stoffelien Verdonk, Side Step Festival, Helsinki 1998.

Duet with Sybrig Dokter together with Christer Bothén’s Acoustic Ensemble during Utbrot, Färingsö, august 1998.

Growing into Darkness,a structured improvisation with Sybrig Dokter and the musician Christer Bothén, London, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, 1999.

Inside and out, with Gaby Agis and Rick Nodine, Chisenhale London 1999.

Imprints, a structured improvisation with Sybrig Dokter and the musician Christer Bothén, 1999. 

Moldova, duet with Sybrig Dokter and group improvisations with Kurt Koegel, Nikolai Schetnev, Alexandra Soshnikova, Angela Doni, Sybrig Dokter and Attila Dóra, Chisinau 2001.

ZIP-sessions, participation in three evenings of improvised work with 9 dancers, 6 musicians and 5 actors. Duets with Paola Lattanzi, trio with Alessandro Certini and Charlotte Zerbey, Orvieto, Italy, 2002.

DIP-festival, four evenings of improvised music and dance, 10 international dancers and 4 musicians. Moderna Dansteater Stockholm, Sweden, 2002.

ZIP-sessions, Orvieto, Italy, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

CI36, teachers intensive improvisation at CI36 in Pennsylvania, USA, 2008.

Solo, improvised solo at CI36, Pennsylvania, USA, 2008.

Meeting Point, with Liisa Pentti and Sybrig Dokter. Helsinki, 2009.

Anatomy Of Presence, with Katarina Eriksson, Ray Chung, Rosemary Hannon, Vitali Kononov. San Francisco, 2009.

Groundspace, solo after a score by Sybrig Dokter. Toronto, 2009.

Fruit & Harvest, with Pie, Montreal, 2009.

Transatlantic Misunderstandings, duet with Andrew Harwood. Montreal, 2009.


Performance of Choreographed Works by other choreographers

Bodem valt uit of Sjoerd Schwibettus, mime/dance company Bewegingsstudio, Amsterdam, 1980.

Zenith, a site-specific outdoor project, choreographed by Mirjam Berns, Julyen Hamilton, Shusaku Takeuchi and Ed Wubbe. Danced a series of solo's made by Julyen, Schoorl, Holland, 1985.

Charon, a film by Frans Zwartjes from Zenith, 1985.

Op Drift of Stoffelien Verdonk, Amsterdam, 1987.

Slippery Steps of Sybrig Dokter, Utrecht, 1987.

Duna, remake of Zenith, Jerusalem Festival, Israel, 1988.

Bruiloftsmaal of Roberto Castello (Sosta Palmizi), Maastricht, 1988.

Rosa Mundi of Rafaella Giordano (Sosta Palmizi) for the opera of La Fenice, Venice, Italy, 1989.

Spare Room of Leah Jacob, Amsterdam, 1989.

La Stanza of Georgio Rossi (Sosta Palmizi), Haarlem, 1990.

Un Ballo I Maschera, film by Yinka Shonibare, 2004.

Vad är det för jävla sommar?!, of Kaisa Giertz, Parkteatern Stockholm, 2006.


Performance in Theatre Works

Tolvskillingsopera, (Three Pennies Opera, Brecht/Weill) directed by Lars Rudolfsson, Stockholms Stadsteatern, 2005.

Midsommarnattsdröm, (Midsummer nights dream, Shakespeare) directed by Alexander Mørk-Eidem, Stockholms Stadsteatern, 2006.

Nya Processen, (The New Trial, Weiss), directed by Hugo Hansén, Stockholms Stadsteatern, 2007.