Family Fathers


Family Fathers, an adventurous story of two dancing fathers or two fathering dancers. A performance in which Roberto Castello and Benno Voorham present some of the darker sides of fatherhood and their struggle to survive both as a father and as a performer.

The piece starts and ends in a nightclub where both characters have their act. One doing a transvestite dance and the other a shabby striptease. From the nightclub they take you into a delirious journey through their ways of coping with fatherhood. Their motto through this journey is that fathers, probably even more than mothers, are the personification of love.

Roberto Castello and Benno Voorham made a performance that appears to be somewhere between a cabaret/vaudeville show and a dance performance. With few theatrical implements they create an atmosphere which is often humoristic and sometimes almost embarrassingly candid about their own illusions and disillusions of fatherhood.

Another layer to the piece is created by a third person on stage. A woman who sits behind a desk at the side of the stage. Her role is at first a very practical one, to translate and interpret the spoken words of the two men on stage into the mother tongue of the country where they perform. But the role of the interpreter goes far beyond translating. It gives in a subtle way a comment of a woman on the actions and pretensions of these two men.

 Family Fathers was created and performed by Roberto Castello and Benno Voorham

The woman was performed by Annette Klar and Ka Rustler.

Music by Yma Sumac, Miles Davis, Kevin Volons, Cole Porter, Les Tambours du Bronx, Zelwer, and Mozart.